“Working with Coach KV
empowered me to navigate
through some tough cycles in
my life in an effort to conquer
trauma and live authentically.

Brianna, GA

“Coach KV is a combination of old-soul wisdom and inner resourcefulness. She does nothing without intention. She uses personal trials and tribulations that help her to uplift and guide those who need it most.”

Cicily, 30, NY

“Through V.V.G., I have been able to identify certain pressures and anxieties in my life. I have also found effective ways to overcome these challenges and become more effortless in taking control of these adversities. Coach KV has an amicable determination to bring each client to their “highest vibrational self”, reminding you to leave shame and guilt at the door.”

Jada, 28, NC

“Coach KV’s active listening style encouraged me to dig deep and have true conversations with myself to uncover what I needed. She understands the challenges that come with navigating a work/life balance. She uses her skills as a former educator to encourage critical thinking and reflection, rather than giving answers. With each session, I am moving from merely existing to truly living!”

Briana, 28, NJ

“Kayla has been nothing but a blessing sent from Heaven in my life. I was able to talk to her about literally anything, when I was down and wanted to just give up. “

Sharon, 21, NJ

” Kayla is a bomb Life Coach and Vivacious Vibe Guide! My first session was soooooooo good and life-giving and deep! She’s really got the goods! If you are a minister, ministry leader, creative, visionary or any combination of those you gotta link with her NOW while the linking is for the low low. Because what she’s offering is worth much more! Check her out.”

Jasmine, 31, NC

“Kayla has a passion for seeing other reach their full potential. She uses compassion and empathy to build my confidence while creating a safe space to reveal my flaws. Kayla is resourceful and has several tools to support internal growth. She is a natural born leader and is confident in her ability as a coach and motivational speaker, to help individuals grow and prosper.”

Keaira, 29, NC

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