Journey to More Reflective Journal

Experience Healing and Abundance in Your Journey!

The heart of the Journey to More is to help you live life unleashed.  This journal is for those who desire to remove limitations and experience a positive change in your quality of life, yet don’t know where to start.

In your journey, you’re required to manage so many things. If you aren’t intentional about managing your time and energy, you can easily experience overwhelm and burn out. Many people desire to live fully, uplift their life, and help others throughout their journey. Yet, life can get incredibly busy and you can easily fall into running on auto-pilot.

It’s time.

It’s time to apply healing and ease to your journey.

It’s time to unleash your hands, heart, and mind from constraint and activate living in a new level of abundance.

What’s next ?

“Download the “Journey to More” an 8-part reflective journal created by Kayla, and start transforming your quality of life, expanding your impact, and living a purposeful life.”

Benefits of Journaling

Creative Expression

Build a safe space to be honest and express yourself. Expressing yourself can start with writing your thoughts, asking questions, and taking a stab at the answers. Sometimes it may end up in scribbling on the page, poetry, or drawings to release uncomfortable feelings.

Connections and Understanding

You can make meaningful connections by asking, answering, sitting, and living with powerful questions. When you ask and answer questions, you practice a strategy to improve your understanding as you examine your life. As you increase in understanding, you also begin to mature, fully engage in life, and meet challenges.

Confidence Building

Confidence is built with the steps you take. Develop a new level of confidence as you journal with vulnerability. Each time you journal with vulnerability, you build courage to face whatever comes your way. Courage is about feeling discomfort in questioning and truths yet leaning into peace, acceptance, and continuing forward. As you exercise courage, you build your confidence. If you need to speak your truth to a life coach, counselor, or a family member, your confidence will be memorable.

Are you ready to live a life unleashed? The Journey to More Group Coaching Program provides expertise in the area of 12-weekly goal-oriented classes for self-discovery on a group basis. Each session is led and facilitated by a Vivacious Vibe Guide and is designed to help faith based leaders target opportunities for growth, develop coping mechanisms, and tackle creative problem solving. The first session will be held on May 4th, 2023 at 8:00pm (EST). Flexible payment schedules are available. If you are interested in launching the program for a church, school, or faith based non-profit, feel free to inquire within.