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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that I need a life coach?

I am the life coach you need if you are seeking restoration of inner freedom to be fully alive and authentically you. If you desire to rid limited thinking, and disrupt lack mindset I am here to help you overcome. I position you for mindset shifts, an expansive consciousness, and alignment in love. I uplift and equip you in embracing your humanity, moving forward with gratitude, and celebrating the process instead of the destination. Scheduling with me means you are ready to make life giving commitments and do what it takes to experience what you desire. Furthermore, we explore ways to impact others and help humanity rise by creatively sharing your human experience.

Are you ready to move past the roadblocks to your freedom, wealth, and vibrant life experience? You will not regret scheduling with me.

How do I know I need to be in the V.V.G. Classroom instead of scheduling life coaching?

The V.V.G. Classroom Consulting takes things a couple steps further than our life coaching service. The V.V.G. Classroom is a learning experience that incorporates lifestyle related activities, strategies, and resources designed to uplift and equip you as a student in the classroom of life. Together we target opportunities for growth, develop phenomenal coping mechanisms, and creative problem-solving skills. I will lead each session with a learning goal or topic based on your needs. On the other hand, life coaching allows you to do most of the talking for self- discovery. You identify strategies that you’d like to put in place and gain accountability from me as your life coach.

Can I replace my counselor or therapist with Vivacious Vibe Guide, as my life coach or lifestyle consultant?

I do not replace counselors and therapists but I add value to your healing journey by acknowledging the opportunities of the “now” and exploring the possibilities of the future. Therapist and counselors may diagnose you and determine illnesses, places for healing, and paths for treatment. As a life coach, I am similar to a sports coach. I help you or your team identify a goal for fulfillment, and develop a plan. I add value by helping you “dance” in the process and develop skills you need to eventually coach yourself through the challenges of the human experience.

What is the difference between your Life Coaching Program and the V.V.G. Classroom Program?

The difference between our Life Coaching Program and V.V.G. Classroom program is the structure of each session. The Coaching Program puts you in position for self discovery, amplifying your voice, and stating your truth per session. This service is usually provided on a 1:1 basis but can be provided in a group settings as well.

On the other hand, the V.V.G. Classroom Program features my expertise and leadership to meet your needs on a 1:1 or group basis. I provide strategies, tips, and resources for uplifting and equipping you to continue your life journey in a fully alive way. Most sessions will include a homework assignment to extend your learning experience.

Both programs can be scheduled as a single service, yet a three-month commitment is strongly encouraged so I can measure, and celebrate you or your group’s growth.

What is the difference in the methods you use for coaching and lifestyle consulting?

The method of life coaching includes thought provoking questions for self-discovery, celebration, and commitment for next steps. On the other hand, the lifestyle consulting offered in the V.V.G. Classroom adds my expertise in teaching, curriculum/program design, and instructional material to help you overcome challenge(s). Both programs provide the option to explore topics for making meaningful connections to God.

How do I know what service or program I should choose?

It is simple and complementary for you to schedule a first-time twenty minute consultation on my scheduling website.

Do you have challenges you’d like to joyfully overcome, goals to meet, and a desire for accountability to be “fully alive” in your journey? Schedule the 12-Weekly Life Coaching Program.

Do you have a challenge or idea that requires a mindset shift, expertise, and/or a hands-on activity to increase your awareness and problem solving skills? Schedule the 12-Weekly V.V.G. Classroom Lifestyle Consulting Program.

Do you want a glimpse of the benefits you’d receive by the expertise and resources given in the Vivacious Classroom Lifestyle Consulting Program ? Try a single Vibe Up Self Care Toolkit Session.

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What does it mean to be vivacious?

To be vivacious means to be fully alive to the opportunities and possibilities in the “now”. Being fully alive requires you to consider yourself as a lifelong learner in the classroom of life. Living out means to show up to your moments as your true self.

Is Vivacious Vibe Guide a part of the New Age Movement?

Vivacious Vibe Guide is not a part of the New Age Movement. The life-giving energy and presence V.V.G. references is the Holy Spirit. V.V.G. is inspired by a Christian concept where the Holy Spirit provides teaching, guidance, and energy needed for life fulfillment. The Holy Spirit is the result of the sacrifice of Jesus, which we call the Vivacious Vibe. Ultimately we believe God is love and open our arms to those exploring a connection with love.

Do you take insurance?

I do not take insurance, but I do have the option to pay weekly, monthly, or in a full single payment. I’m happy to discuss for the programs and services during your consultation.

What additional services do you offer?

Do you need inspiration to move that mountain? Schedule a Vivacious Vibe Guide speaking engagement or the Vibe Up Toolkit service. Schedule me, Coach Kayla Vivian, to meet the unique needs of your church, school, business, or other audiences the Vivacious Vibe Guide way. You can schedule the Vibe Up Toolkit service to develop a personalized resource that includes affirmations, forms of art and communication that speak life and energy when quick inspiration is needed. If you have questions that are not addressed through the services or programs listed, please email me at .