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Overcoming with Self- Love

Love is a transformative force and superpower. The negative experiences we encounter can impact self-esteem and self-love. Although we are beyond celebrating love during a holiday like Valentine’s Day, the desire for romantic love, companionship and deeper relationships with significant others still lingers for many people.  During the challenging moments of our human experience, self-loveContinue reading “Overcoming with Self- Love”

How to Practice Self-Care and Manage the Holiday Blues

Creativity can help heal holiday grief. Oftentimes the holiday becomes a reminder of things we don’t have due to death, disease, and breakups. Challenges with family, finances, and frustration due to limitations from COVID persist during the holiday. How can we thrive instead of barely surviving the holiday season while grieving? Grief is a naturalContinue reading “How to Practice Self-Care and Manage the Holiday Blues”

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