Vibe Up with V.V.G.!


“One who is fully alive and living out loud”

Kayla Vivian, Founder, Life Coach


Are you ready to joyfully overcome the energy drainers in your journey?


The world needs the positive, creative, and authentic version of you. Learn how to joyfully overcome the energy drainers and gain a new sense of inner freedom to be fully alive and live out loud in purpose.

Who We Are

Vivacious Vibe Guide LLC is a lifestyle company designed for people of all ages who are seeking a more vivacious life experience.

What We Do

We offer virtual life coaching and consulting services on a 1:1 and group basis to support entrepreneurs, students, and people in transition in gaining a new inner freedom to be vivacious in their journey.


  • Turn negativity to positivity
  • Turn the mundane to the creative
  • Turn from shrinking to letting your authentic self shine

Our Vision

Every Person will joyfully overcome barriers to living a vivacious life and experience what it means to be fully alive and live out loud.

Greetings from Coach Kayla Vivian

“Dance wherever you are and be vivacious!”

I’m so happy you are here! I am a certified life coach and licensed classroom educator, having served in public schools and a charter school system. I received my Bachelor of Arts in education from the North Carolina A & T State University, and a Certificate of Coaching from the accredited International Coaching Federation organization, Coach U. 

My experience in teaching and coaching has led me to understand the importance of affirming every individual and helping people develop self-awareness and confidence to navigate the challenges of life.

As a Life Coach, I’ve worked in one on one and group settings in diverse contexts including churches, civic organizations, private institutions and corporations. I enjoy using creativity and teaching tools to empower people of all ages to live vivaciously.

“Live the Vivacious Vibe Guide Way!”

Kayla Vivian, Founder, Coach

Are you ready to be more fully alive and live out loud in your journey? Join the 12-Weekly Coaching program and partner with Vivacious Vibe Guide for a 90 day transformation. Each session will be led by your unique needs for gaining more meaning and momentum. V.V.G. will provide accountability, encouragement, and remind you to prioritize your “state of being” in your journey.

Are you ready to elevate in self awareness but need the tools for joyfully overcoming limitations? Join the 12-Weekly Consulting program for a 90 day transformation in self and soul awareness. Each session will be led by the V.V.G. curriculum and provide tools for being fully alive and living out loud.

What to Expect from V.V.G.

What Makes Me Different?
-My mantra: “There’s more”!

-I am passionate about being fully alive, dancing in the opportunities and possibilities of the “now”.

-I love lifelong learning and taking the medicine from the lessons of the classroom of life.

-I believe living out loud as my authentic self is my birthright. It’s yours too.

-Flexible payment options are available for my services. Inquire within.

-“Coach KV has an amicable determination to bring each client to their highest vibrational self, reminding you to leave shame and guilt at the door.” -Jada, 28, NC

V.V.G. Program Benefits

  • Establish a vibrant legacy
  • Elevate in self and soul awareness
  • Explore powerful concepts for overcoming fear based limitations
  • Reveal hidden beliefs, desires, and needs
  • Unlock previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity, and leadership
  • Create new meaningful narratives
  • Find better ways to experience an extraordinary life
  • Learn creative strategies for redirecting your thinking for more life, meaning, and momentum toward your goals
  • Develop a toolkit to cope with challenges & stressful situations
  • Obtain phenomenal problem solving skills
  • Be more intentional with your words, language, and agreements
  • Create meaningful goals and attain greater fulfillment
  • Learn the creative process and skills you need to eventually coach yourself
  • Be awaken to the opportunities and possibilities in your “now”
  • Bridge the gap between what is happening right now and what you want next
  • Develop and maintain a growth mindset, lifestyle of gratitude and joy
  • Practice leadership by identifying the goals and next steps for each session.
  • Engage in lifestyle consulting and receive strategies, resources, and homework to for practicing new skills